Fitness Kickboxing


Kickboxing is widely known to be one of the best cardiovascular and muscle conditioning activities for men and women of all ages. This form of aerobic training not only provides you with an overall physical conditioning and toning program, it will increase your endurance, agility, balance, flexibility, speed and explosive power while providing a healthy way to reduce stress.

From beginner to athlete, this program will teach you the fundamentals of kickboxing. Your new skills will improve your sport specific program as well as your daily activities. Kickboxing workouts may include heavy bag, speed bag, focus pads, jump rope and core conditioning. Unlike traditional kickboxing, fitness kickboxing does not involve sparring or physical contact. It’s a cardiovascular workout that reflects the training regiment of traditional kickboxing for it’s many fitness benefits.

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“Our world will always be a constant battle between the life of ease and its momentary rewards and the life of discipline and it’s far more significant rewards”

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