The Robert Lee Junior Program


The Robert Lee Junior Program is professionally designed in conjunction with experts in the field of education to provide social, physical, emotional and attitudinal growth. The program works hand in hand with a child’s school work, providing improved self-discipline, self-confidence, mental alertness and goal setting skills.


Martial Arts Begins and Ends with RESPECT:
Our Junior Program is based on the core values of Martial Arts Training. We develop your child’s awareness and skills in three primary areas: RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, and SELF-CONTROL. Our core curriculum includes high-energy drills and skills designed to build and condition each child’s attitude, behavior and overall character development. Our training helps children and young adults develop greater self-control and self-discipline in everything they do. It instills confidence through positive coaching, lots of encouragement and a powerful mentoring relationship with role model Instructors. We also teach valuable life skills that focus on goal-setting, positive attitude, communication skills and leadership.

Practical Self-Defense:
We teach students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defense techniques and self-defense awareness. Our practical self-defense skills include Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and on the ground grappling defense. Your child will be trained as to when and when not to use their skills, and our students have a clear understanding of being responsible for their actions. We stress non-violent conflict resolution and that Martial Art Skills require them never to be abusive or offensive.


Goal Setting:
It is important for children to learn to set goals. At Robert Lee Martial Arts, every child’s ultimate goal is to achieve a rank of Black Belt. The Black Belt is a symbol of excellence in Martial Arts and an important tool for Instructors and Parents to use for developing desire, perseverance, and for teaching the importance of following through in any activity. Young people are taught at Robert Lee that through dedicated, intense work, all worthwhile goals in life are possible.


Healthy, Happy & Fit…with a FIGHTING SPIRIT that will NEVER QUIT!:
We strive everyday to deliver a program that builds a sense of balance for your child. Our Junior Program inspires kids on how to live healthier, how to exercise and how to build energy and a dynamic spirit. We want your child to be better prepared to face life’s challenges and be successful in everything they do. Our program will get your child in the best shape of their young lives. We’ll increase their flexibility, strengthen their muscles and give them greater endurance, all while they’re having fun and learning valuable life skills that will carry over to becoming successful adults. Our Instructors are excellent at motivating kids and bringing out the best in them.

Black Belt Excellence:
Our goal for every student is to help them earn their Black Belt not only in Martial Arts, but in life! By working toward this goal we create an instructional environment in which individual students develop confidence by accomplishing realistic and attainable goals.


Junior Program Beginners Lesson Schedule

South Location

Monday 6:00pm - 6:40pm
Thursday 6:00pm - 6:40pm

West Location

Monday 6:10pm - 6:50pm
Thursday 6:10pm - 6:50pm
Saturday 11:00 - 11:35pm (Makeup Class)

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"It is better to build children than repair adults"

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