Private Lessons


For those who have special training requirements, time restraints, or simply prefer a more personalized training program, we offer private lessons to suit individual needs.

For those not already enrolled at Robert Lee Martial Arts, or for those who wish to work on specific elements of his or her curriculum, private lessons offers many benefits to those who want to begin or continue their journey in the Martial Arts:

  • Personal attention for accelerated progress

  • One-on-one training that responds to a specific training need

  • Training times suited to your schedule

  • Specialized goal setting

  • Considerable improvements in technique, form and co-ordination

  • Enhanced muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and confidence.

Private Martial Arts lessons can be designed around specific fitness-related goals or can be designed to reach the ultimate goal – A Black Belt in the Martial Arts!



Individual Training:
- $70.00 – per session (50 minutes)
- $390.00 – 6 sessions
- $750.00 – 12 sessions

Partner Training:
- $85.00 – per session (50 minutes)
- $480.00 – 6 sessions
- $930.00 – 12 sessions

*Prices do not include GST
*Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice
*All packages expire within three months of purchase

Interested in private lessons with Robert Lee Martial Arts? Contact us today to learn more!

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